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Sparkle & Shine Organics' Heavy Duty Hand Scrub is the ultimate solution for hardworking hands in need of some TLC. Crafted with care, this organic and vegan formula is a powerhouse blend of natural ingredients, designed to tackle the toughest jobs without compromising on your skin's health or the environment.


Available in four delightful scents – Ginger Vanilla, Mint Lavender, Lemon Rosemary, and Citrus – each aroma transports you to a fragrant oasis, making hand care a sensory delight.


Packed for convenience in stand-up pouches, choose from two sizes – 3 oz. which is the perfect size to give it a try and 8 oz. for when you find the scent you love! Plus, with its easily transferable nature, you can seamlessly refill your favorite glass jar, reducing waste and promoting sustainability.


Whether you're a gardener, mechanic, painter, farmer, or just want to pamper your hands, our Heavy Duty Hand Scrub is your go-to companion for combating the grime and grit of your daily tasks. Let the organic goodness nourish and rejuvenate your hands, leaving them soft, smooth, and ready for whatever challenges lie ahead.


Invest in the care your hands deserve with Sparkle & Shine Organics' Heavy Duty Hand Scrub. Because your hard-working hands deserve nothing but the best!

Heavy Duty Hand Scrub

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