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Bullet points for men: Feels good. Smells good. Priced good. All Organic. Smells delicious. Don't be surprised if people ask you why you smell so good! What more could you ask for? Buy some today!


Need the deets:

Gentlemen's blend herbal face serum is the perfect moisturizer to use after cleansing your face. With scents of vanilla, nutmeg, and bay leaf, it is well-suited for men to use. A lot of our customers who use this product like to use it as an aftershave. And as a bonus, other people love the scent too! If you prefer to just have amazing skin and keep your serum secret incognito, we have an unscented version too!


I have carefully crafted an all-organic blend that brings you maximum benefits with the main ingredients of sweet almond oil, hemp seed oil, and castor oil.


Available in 3 sizes all in glass!

1 mL Sample Size

5 mL Travel Size

30 mL Full Size


Sweet almond oil*, hemp seed oil*, castor oil*, calendula*, chamomile*, comfrey*, nutmeg essential oil*, bay leaf essential oil*, vanilla essential oil*       


UNSCENTED GENTLEMEN'S BLEND FACE SERUM INGREDIENTS: Sweet almond oil*, hemp seed oil*, castor oil*, calendula*, chamomile*, comfrey*



As with any new product, you should perform a test on a small patch of skin to ensure that you have no skin allergies to this product.

Gentlemen's Blend Herbal Face Serum

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    I am not a medical professional. This information is intended as educational and is not to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases or other serious medical conditions. It is up to you to seek approval from your medical professional before using any of the items offered on my website. I try to make note of any items that may be popular allergens in my items. However, make sure you check the list of ingredients for each product if you have allergies or known sensitivities. All of our items are organic (unless the ingredient is an inorganic ingredient, like salt.) Being a vegan, everything from Sparkle & Shine Organics is vegan and cruelty-free. Anything that I sell is something I personally use for myself and my family and friends. I won't sell anything to you that I wouldn't use on my own family! As with most bath and body products you should perform a patch test of the product prior to use. I hold a degree in Chemical Engineering which is partially responsible for my organic lifestyle today. Every product that I make has undergone extensive research, trial, and thought to bring you the highest quality products possible.

    This disclaimer serves as a waiver of liability for myself and Sparkle & Shine Organics.

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